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Laura Dlug

Laura Dlug is an on-site recruitment partner with Resource Solutions, our recruitment process outsourcing business, leading the corporate finance recruiting function at a major bank in New York. We caught up with Laura to talk about her HR background and why she thinks career growth is faster at Resource Solutions.

What did you do before moving into recruitment?

I actually have a degree in musical theatre so for the first six years of my working life, I was pursuing an acting career. Because work in the theatre comes and goes, I took a variety of temp jobs at large financial services firms in New York to pay the bills, which exposed me to the corporate world.

One of my temp jobs was at a leading wealth management company and it was here that I decided to leave acting behind and pursue a new career path by moving internally to a permanent Human Resources role. I spent five years there working in a variety of roles within HR including internal mobility, strategy, talent development and finally as an in-house recruiter.

What appealed to you about moving to Resource Solutions?

I wanted to join a firm that was growing and could offer me lots of new opportunities. I knew that Resource Solutions had a range of clients across different industries and I liked that opportunity for variety. While I love working for my current client, it’s great to know that in the future I can choose from a large selection of companies or even locations.

Describe your typical day and what you enjoy most.

My day is extremely varied which is one of the best things about it. I could be meeting with a hiring manager to discuss what they’re looking for in a candidate, catching up with COO’s to chat about hiring plans and forecasting, talking to applicants, interviewing and more.

I love the stakeholder engagement side of things. I’ve been in the client’s shoes before so I understand how they think, which is really helpful. A big part of my role is consulting with HR and hiring managers throughout the recruitment process. Sometimes I have to say to the client: “I know you really want to hire this person but here are some of the big red flags for me.” I find it rewarding to work collaboratively with the client to find the right person for the role.

The other great thing about my role is the autonomy I have to lead the corporate finance recruitment function. I was an in-house recruiter at my previous company working across a few business areas so this is the first time I’ve had ownership of an entire division.

Are there negative perceptions of recruitment process outsourcing in the US?

I’m not sure how well-known the concept of an RPO is in the US. Some people might think that working for an RPO means sacrificing high quality work just to get people in seat, while not caring much about the calibre of the candidate. That hasn’t been my experience at all. At Resource Solutions delivering excellence for the client is at the heart of everything we do. We consult to, and collaborate with, the client to get the best possible outcome. It’s really a strategic, consultative role where you work directly with the client.

Why would you recommend a career with Resource Solutions?

The opportunity for career growth is really high. The company is expanding so there are lots of new opportunities and if you want to take on something in addition to your current role, there is tons of support. Management genuinely want you to succeed so I feel empowered to put my hand up. I’ve only been here a few months and have already joined a Social Engagement Committee to stay involved and an Innovation Forum to help brainstorm ways we can improve processes and add value.

I’ve found Resource Solutions to be less rigid than other larger, more traditional companies that require you to be in your role for a certain length of time before you can be considered for promotion or new opportunity. Resource Solutions seems to reward hard work and you can grow your career at a much faster rate if you’re willing to put in the effort.

What does it take to succeed in an RPO environment?

You need to enjoy a fast-paced environment and be someone who takes the initiative. There is support and training but you also need to be able to hit the ground running and sort out things for yourself. It’s exciting because you get to take the lead. There’s not a lot of downtime and that’s honestly one of the things I like best about it! I’m always feeling productive and like my time is put to good use.

How would you describe the culture at Resource Solutions?

The people here make coming to work really rewarding. Everyone works hard and you know that your colleagues have got your back. At my bank, we have a large Resource Solutions team and we all sit together so there’s a genuine sense of camaraderie and people are always willing to help you out.

It can often feel isolating to work for a big global organisation but Resource Solutions fosters connection through internal communications. We span a lot of geographies but we know what’s going on around the world. Every month we watch the monthly wrap video as a team to learn about the company’s achievements and progress. It’s great to feel part of the wider Resource Solutions team even though we work on-site with the client.


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