Achieving my international career goal


Julia Noellert worked in procurement before joining Robert Walters as a recruitment consultant in 2015. Following two years in our San Francisco office, Julia has decided to take on a new challenge and will soon be joining our London team. She discusses her career switch and motivations for taking on this next adventure across the world.

How did you find out about Robert Walters?

I came across Robert Walters on LinkedIn and was immediately intrigued by the company’s global presence since I had lived abroad before and knew this was something I wanted to do again. I was also impressed by the website and articles I read online. It seemed like a great place to build my career long-term and to have the opportunity to work internationally.

Where did you work before Robert Walters, and what was it like transitioning into recruitment?

I worked in a procurement and supply chain role at a global packaging and distribution company. My transition into recruitment was a refreshing change because it meant I could work more directly with people versus spending most of my day looking at spreadsheets and charts. As a recruiter, my actions drive client and candidate decisions, which ultimately influences the direction of companies and people’s careers. I really enjoy having the opportunity to build meaningful business relationships and it’s especially rewarding when candidates let you know how happy they are in their new roles and that you helped them get there.

How has your career progressed since you joined?

I’ve learned an incredible amount about how businesses work and how to deliver results effectively. It really all comes down to influencing and managing people. My business acumen and communication skills have progressed exponentially. Many jobs can get repetitive but one of the best parts about this job is that it will always be people-centric and relationship based, so the situations and people you can learn from are always changing. My career has progressed to take on more responsibility and ownership within these relationships both internally and externally to the company, and I’m sure it will continue to do so.

What has been your greatest achievement to date?

I would say the amount that I’ve learned in just two years. In addition to developing my confidence and experience of working as a recruitment professional, I’ve also had plenty of opportunity to broaden my knowledge of the tech industry. As a result, I now feel like I can go into almost any situation and come out with a positive interaction or solution. I can’t say that’s a business skill I had before I joined the company.

What led you to explore opportunities and ultimately make the switch to Robert Walters in the UK?

As I mentioned earlier, one of the aspects that initially attracted me to Robert Walters was the support of global mobility since I’ve always wanted to work abroad. The UK was a logical choice being another English-speaking country with close proximity to the rest of Europe. The team also seems great and it felt like a natural fit for me.

What will you miss most about working in the San Francisco office?

The office here has such a fantastic team and I will miss them immensely. I will also miss working with tons of interesting start-ups and having the opportunity to meet with founders and some of the most brilliant minds in tech. It’s such a unique and fascinating market where companies can grow from two to 200 people in a short amount of time, so I don’t think I’ll find that anywhere else in the world.

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