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Wendy Wood

Wendy Wood is a team lead for Barclays based at our recruitment process outsourcing business, Resource Solutions’ Global Service Centre in Jacksonville. She talks about the switch from traditional recruitment to recruitment process outsourcing, her career progression and the strong team ethos at Resource Solutions.

How did you get into working in recruitment?

I got my first taste of working in recruitment whilst studying for my degree in human science. Working as an undergraduate researcher on a study exploring the relationships of newlywed couples, I was required to recruit research participants. I found this aspect of the role really enjoyable and was inspired to pursue a career in recruitment. After completing my degree, I took the opportunity to work in a corporate recruitment role, which gave me a great insight into the commercial side of recruitment.

Why did you want to join Resource Solutions?

I first heard about Resource Solutions through an acquaintance who had recently interviewed with the company and had a positive experience. I was keen to progress in my career and was looking to join a forward-thinking company where I’d be able to develop professionally. Resource Solutions sounded like it would be a great fit. Carrying out further research into the company only added to my excitement – in particular, I was impressed by the company’s global client base and the fact that it was just launching its presence in the U.S.

After contacting the internal recruiter at Resource Solutions to discuss opportunities, I successfully interviewed for an internal mobility consultant role at the company’s Global Service Centre (GSC) in Jacksonville.

How did working for an RPO differ from your previous role in recruitment?

I joined Resource Solutions without any prior knowledge of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), so I was excited to explore a new approach to recruitment. I very quickly gained an appreciation for the RPO model - the value it can offer to clients and how it can create a better experience for both hiring managers and candidates. However, the collaborative nature in which the teams work at Resource Solutions was the aspect that really stood out when I first joined. For each client account, there is significant support provided by a multitude of functions covering the different areas of the recruitment process. Whilst some of the teams work onsite with the client, the teams based in the GSC act as an extension of this service and support the onsite teams. The focus on teamwork is something that I really love about working at Resource Solutions as it provides the opportunity for you to share knowledge and develop your skillset by tapping into your colleagues’ expertise.

How has your career progressed at Resource Solutions?

Resource Solutions had only recently opened in Jacksonville, so it was an incredibly exciting time to join and I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the learning process as the company rapidly established itself in the US. During my first few months, I had the opportunity to work closely with our client services director, Rocki Howard, which was invaluable to growing my skills and confidence in working in an RPO environment. Within six months, I was promoted to team lead and our Barclays dedicated GSC team had grown from four to 24 people.

In January 2017, I transitioned into the business assurance team lead role, managing both the U.S. and India teams. As well as leading the specialty coordination team members. This is an area that I have a strong personal interest in, so I’m excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.

What’s the company culture like?

The company values of being united, client-focused, dedicated and proud resonate with my own personal beliefs and it’s wonderful to see them reflected throughout the business. In particular, I love the team culture – it’s a great feeling to know that if you ever need help, you can call on any of your colleagues and they will be willing to lend a hand.

It’s certainly a challenge to develop a strong company culture, particularly with some of our people working on-site with the client, but I feel that the company really pulls together and is continuously working to bridge the gap between the onsite and off-site teams. For example, our onsite teams are encouraged to visit the GSC. This really helps to promote our culture of collaboration.

Why would you recommend a career at Resource Solutions?

Resource Solutions is at the forefront of recruitment innovation so it’s a fantastic place to gain exposure to the latest tools impacting the recruitment industry. RPO is a dynamic environment – you’re working for a company as well as being a vendor for clients across the globe, so every day is different and you’re always learning.

In addition, the company culture is incredibly positive; the people are proud of the work they do and genuinely enjoy working together to build on the company’s success.  

What qualities do you need to succeed in a recruitment process outsourcing environment?

In an RPO environment there are many moving parts so you need to be organised and have strong attention to detail. Equally, good communication skills and the ability to build trusted relationships are essential.

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