My move to San Francisco

Alfonso Tiscareno

Alfonso Tiscareno started his career at Robert Walters as an IT consultant in Sydney in 2007. In 2014 he was offered the opportunity to relocate to our San Francisco office to establish the engineering division.

He talks about the market in San Francisco, what he enjoys about his new life there and how the Group supported his move.


What interested you in moving to San Francisco?

“With the market booming and new technologies arising, I felt that a move to San Francisco would be the experience of a lifetime, especially as I had the opportunity to start a new division from scratch. I knew I’d have the chance to work with start-ups and recruit for some of the smartest people in the world. San Francisco is truly the global capital of the technology industry so it’s really inspiring to work in this environment.

What’s it like working in the San Francisco office?

There’s a very strong work ethic in the office here but there is also a real culture of support and everyone helps each other out. Staff make it their business to keep up to date with market news and to share information with the rest of the team. It’s a very open and dynamic environment and our office is in a great location, overlooking the Bay and the world famous Ferry Building.

How did the company support your move?

Before moving the company flew me over to San Francisco to get a sense of what life is like in the city, where the office was located, and the overall vibe here. Once I had accepted the offer, they helped to organise flights and visas for me and my family. Everyone in the office was very welcoming and supportive which helped me to adjust to life in a new city.

What are the best things about San Francisco? 

There are many amazing restaurants in the Bay Area and there’s lots of diversity in terms of food. While famous for its food trucks, the city also has 50 Michelin starred restaurants and luckily for me the Mexican food here is fantastic! There’s also so much to do here. With the national parks, mountains and beaches, it’s very easy to go for hike, run, swim or a bike ride. Life is very convenient here as you’re living in the heart of the tech world. You can get almost anything delivered to you within a few minutes; you can get your clothes washed, order a massage or have a chef to come to your house to cook dinner - all at the click of a button.

What advice would you give to someone interested in making the move?

In San Francisco you experience state-of-the-art technology developing right in front of you, and meet great people who want to create a better world. It’s a challenging, unique opportunity that only comes once in a lifetime. So my advice would be to take a chance and go for it!”

It’s really inspiring to work in this environment and see how our clients start with just an idea and then build companies that have a major impact on the world

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