Life as an IT recruiter in New York

Mohammed Nazmussada

Mohammed Nazmussadad is an on-site direct recruiter for our recruitment process outsourcing business, Resource Solutions, in New York. He specialises in recruiting IT talent for his banking client. Mohammed shares why he loves working in IT recruitment and the benefits of working for Resource Solutions.

How did you get into IT recruitment?

I grew up around technology as my dad was a QA software tester. I was always tinkering with various kinds of tech and rebuilding PCs, so I was learning about the IT sector from a young age. In college, I studied for a Masters in HR Management but my interest in technology remained. When it came time to graduate I started researching the labour market to see which jobs and industries might suit me. I decided to pursue a career in recruitment as it seemed fast-paced, interesting and the best way to match my HR background with my interest in technology.

I worked for two recruitment agencies over a three-year period during which time I built my network, finding candidates with both routine/operational skillsets and niche skillsets. By the end of the three years I was running my own desk recruiting for permanent IT positions as well as undertaking business development activities.

Why did you make the move to Resource Solutions?

It was a combination of factors. I didn’t really enjoy the business development side of my role and I knew that what I really loved was talking shop with candidates and hiring managers. I enjoy getting to know a client’s business, understanding their technology stacks and what skillsets the business needs to grow. In that sense, I try to operate similarly to an IT business analyst.

Moving to a direct recruiter role with Resource Solutions allowed me to work strategically with the client and build long-term relationships with candidates and their own networks. I learn how these experts and their technologies function together, which is what really excites me. Ultimately, with that visibility and our recruiting tools, we get to build a customized centre of excellence for talent acquisition.

What’s important in your role?

The goal is to work strategically with hiring managers and stay ahead of the ball by anticipating what roles are coming down the pipeline. That way I can engage potential candidates about future roles and find out what timeframes they are working to with their next career move.

I love meeting hiring managers and discussing what technology they are looking to implement, and what the priorities are for their function and team. Because I recruit in the emerging tech sector, I need to do a lot of research to understand the technology in order to be able to have intelligent conversations with candidates. I try to stand out as someone who knows what he’s talking about so I can build trust and credibility with hard to find talent.

What are the benefits of working for Resource Solutions?

Resource Solutions is growing fast in the USA and is already well established in Europe and Asia Pacific, where it has a very good reputation. In my view the company really understands how to build and run a recruitment function.

Management are also very collaborative – they are open to feedback about what you’re seeing on the ground. One example is the training we’ve recently received on the new salary history legislation in New York, which prohibits employers from inquiring about past compensation. Well in advance of the effective date of the legislation, Resource Solutions worked in conjunction with the client to devise training sessions to educate us about the background and reasoning for the change. The proactive approach helped us minimize risk, operate in support of the anti-discrimination spirit of the law, and remain competitive in the market.

How would you describe the culture at Resource Solutions?

I find my colleagues at Resource Solutions very supportive. When you have a question, people are always willing to share their knowledge and insight. Everyone understands the importance of client satisfaction and the drive for excellence, and they are very willing to help. Overall, I’d say my colleagues are intelligent, sociable and fun people to be around.

What does it take to be successful in recruitment process outsourcing?

You need to be self-motivated and highly organised as you’re constantly juggling competing responsibilities. It’s important to be confident in your sector knowledge but also humble and open to learning new things.


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