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Our industry thought leadership gives our clients and candidates unique insight, and is one of the reasons why they value an ongoing relationship with us. We pride ourselves on being leaders in innovation and our market research reinforces this quality-focused brand positioning.

Throughout the year we produce regular recruitment market reports, which take an in-depth look at key trends and talent management issues impacting employers today. Recent topics include: diversity and leadership, attracting and retaining millennials, and recruiting in a candidate short market.

Innovation is at the heart of our entrepreneurial spirit, and is how we develop new ways to best serve our clients’ needs.

Robert Walters

Discover Robert Walters whitepapers below:

Driving flexible working (Australia)

Attracting & retaining millennials (Australia)

Developing high-performing teams (Australia)
PDF (1.2MB)

Promoting employee well-being (Australia)
PDF (948KB)

Using the contingent workforce (Australia)
PDF (857KB)

Developing high performance teams
(New Zealand)

PDF (1.2MB)

Implementing flexibile working
(New Zealand)


Leveraging the contingent workforce (New Zealand)
PDF (857KB)

Work space design and productivity (New Zealand)
PDF (910KB)

Attracting and engaging women returning to work (UK)
PDF (915KB)

Social media in the recruitment process (UK)
PDF (2.1MB)

Recruiting professionals in a candidate short market (UK)
PDF (1.1MB)

Maximising the value of contractors (UK)

How to manage the recruitment process (UK)
PDF (6.6MB)

Attracting and retaining millennials (UK)

Gender diversity and leadership (UK)
PDF (594KB)

Recruiting new talent pools (UK)
PDF (1.5MB)

Empowering women at work (Singapore - English language)
PDF (438KB)

Empowering women at work (Singapore - Chinese language)
PDF (869KB)

Optimising the interview process (China)
PDF (1.2MB)

Women returning to the workforce (Southeast Asia) PDF (1.3MB)

Resource Solutions

Discover Resource Solutions Whitepapers below:

Recruitment outsourcing insights
PDF (4.2MB)

Next generation talent

Innovation lookbook
PDF (4.6MB)

Gamification in recruitment
PDF (2.5MB)

Gender diversity and leadership
PDF (131KB)

Becoming a social business
PDF (2.9MB)

Working with outsourcing providers
PDF (833KB)