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Data Notice

The personal data that you provide on Workplace may be transferred to the United States of America to be held by Facebook as the data processor of Robert Walters.

Robert Walters will remain in control of your personal data subject to our own data protection policy and the Workplace Privacy Policy https://workplace.facebook.com/legal/FB_Work_Privacy

Your personal data on the RW Group Workplace will only be used in connection with Robert Walters Group Workplace and not for any other purpose.

You may withdraw your consent at any time by emailing emma.bell@robertwalters.com but you will not be able to access RW Group Workplace if you do so. 


Robert Walters Group - Workplace Usage Policy

The Robert Walters Group Workplace

Workplace by Facebook (“RW Group Workplace”) provides our staff with the ability to internally communicate with other colleagues and teams in a similar way to using personal social media. You are likely to be already familiar with the look and feel of the RW Group Workplace as it is based on the Facebook platform.

RW Group Workplace is internal only and is not intended for viewing for individuals outside of the company.

RW Group Workplace gives staff the opportunity to participate in internal social networking to interact and encourage meaningful communication. It is more than simply an intranet site.

RW Group Workplace is entirely separate from your personal Facebook account if you have one and no information is shared by Facebook between them.

We trust our staff to use the RW Group Workplace appropriately and in a way which is respectful to other’s rights and opinions. However, the Group also believes it is important for staff to understand their obligations to each other, to candidates and clients when communicating through it.

The use of RW Group Workplace is not mandatory but is always subject to this policy.

This Policy must be followed in letter and spirit.

The Workplace Policy does not form part of your terms and conditions of employment.  


Who Must Comply With This Policy

The policy applies to everyone working for Robert Walters, Resource Solutions, Walters People or on our behalf, including all directors, permanent and internal temporary employees.


What Must You Do And Not Do

You are responsible for anything posted in your name.

Workplace is intended for the internal discussion of Robert Walters Group-related business matters including work-related social events. It is not intended for use in connection with personal matters.

Do not repost any messages or information which appears on Workplace elsewhere, i.e. LinkedIn or a personal social media page unless you have permission to do so.

Remember that any content about an individual, colleague, candidate, client or supplier, can in certain circumstances be seen by them. Never write anything that you wouldn’t be comfortable with the wider world seeing. This is the same as for regular email.

Never share CVs, candidate profiles or information about a candidate that is likely to be sensitive or is confidential. For example, do not share historical salary information or confidential screening information.

Do not share confidential information about a Client. For example, information which is covered by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Never use RW Group Workplace to discuss any matter which is the subject of a dispute or likely dispute. In particular, do not use RW Group Workplace to post any content marked “Legally Privileged” (whether in a secret group or not)


Never post any content which:

could be defamatory, derogatory, demeaning, malicious, abusive, offensive, or hateful towards any individual or group (including clients, candidates or competitors). Remember what is not offensive to you could be interpreted differently by someone else;  

may be offensive to a particular race, gender, nationality, ethnicity, disability, religion, cultural background or political leaning;

could construe as illegal, obscene, profane, pornographic, violent or sexually explicit;

violates intellectual property, privacy or publicity rights of another, in particular logos or trademarks of third parties;

that may be seen as threating, intimidating, harassing, bullying or showing disrespect for anyone;

anything that could bring you or the company into disrepute; or

violates any RW Group policy.

Never share your credit card numbers, bank information, username and password with anybody else.

Always consider if Workplace is the correct channel for communication – always think whether a posting could be misinterpreted.

You can mention candidate names to aid collaboration across the business, but always conduct such conversations with professionalism. 

Ask who your audience is? A secret group or the wider team? Ensure you check the group is secret before sharing anything confidential. Ask yourself whether an email or is a call more appropriate?  

Read your content carefully before posting. Check for errors as well as tone and words that could be misunderstood. Your posts reflect on your professionalism, so always put your best foot forward.

Make sure files are virus-free before uploading them.

Misuse of the RW Group Workplace and violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action, including in appropriate cases, suspension or termination.

Facebook’s terms and policies https://fb.facebook.com/legal/FB_Work_Terms apply to your use of the Service.


Data Protection, Confidentiality & Intellectual Property

Workplace is hosted in the United States of America by Facebook. This means if you are outside of the United States your personal data which is held on Workplace will be transferred to the United States for the sole purpose of Workplace providing its services to Robert Walters Group.

Before you first use Workplace, you will be asked for your consent to your information being held in this way. 

Robert Walters Group has put in place appropriate safeguards in respect of the hosting of data by Workplace.

Workplace has agreed that it will not use any data from which you are personally identifiable or could be personally identifiable for any purpose other than to provide the RW Group Workplace to the Robert Walters Group. Workplace is permitted to use anonymous aggregated statistical data for its purposes. 

Your duty of confidentiality is just as important when using Workplace as it is with using traditional email or other forms of communications.

Subject to any third party intellectual property rights, by posting any content which you have produced on the RW Group Workplace you grant the RW Group an exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide transferable license to use any such content for any purpose it sees fit.



The company does actively monitor content appearing on RW Group Workplace.

The company reserves the right to remove any content which it in its sole discretion does not believe to be relevant or appropriate.


Changes to the Policy

This Policy is subject to change by the Group. We will notify of any change with a message on Workplace and change will take upon posting.



If you wish to discuss any issues around the policy or report any activity that you believe may breach our policy, please email richard.harris@robertwalters.com

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Our commitment to positive impact, helping us to achieve our purpose of powering people and organisations to fulfil their unique potential.